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Why are products going ‘water-less’?

Whether you shop online or at the local store, for common variants of FMCG products and their organic alternatives, there are now a bewildering array of choices. One colorful bottle…

What should I know about ‘compostables’?

Plastic waste is a growing concern across the world. The problem is a complex one, including waste exports from the global north, limited recycling, contamination, overproduction etc. But at the…
Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Are shampoo bars a fad?

If you explore hair care products online, chances are you've come across multiple brands offering Shampoo As A Bar (nope, it's not called SAAB just yet πŸ˜…). And while bars…
Social cost of personal care

The social cost of personal care

Picture this. You’re on vacation, taking a walk by a beautiful beach at sunset. Something tickles your toes, and you pick it up out of curiosity. Not a pebble, not…

Recycling Plastic: Key Challenges

Recycling is often touted by companies as a solution to the massive amounts of plastic waste that their products create. We often hear from FMCG and Cosmetics companies about their…

Replacing Single-Use Plastic: Why & How?

Single-Use plastics are plastics used in packaging and products, that is used just once in its entire life. These include wrappers, bottles, plastic films, plastic sheets, containers that are used…

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