‘Arani' is a sanskrit word for the twig used to start a fire. Driven by the spark to fight single-use plastic waste, we have created a wide range of personal and home care essentials as dry concentrates, so that they don't need any plastic packaging! We also have a refill store where you can bring any old bottles and fill them from a host of non-toxic home care liquids.

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We truly believe that consumer choices will drive the biggest changes our world needs ❤️

Gauri Gupta

Gauri Gupta

Co-founder, Dog worshipper (Wags at refill-ers)

A management graduate from the Indian School of Business Hyderabad, Gauri spent about 5 years as a Private Equity and Venture Capital investor focused on pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Though brought up in Dilli, she’d proudly tell you any day that being Chennai-born is her best trait! She trained as an accountant and slowly found her passion in the broader impact space – which culminated into a strong conviction to fight the growing waste around us. At Arani, her favorite part of the day is mulling over packaging materials and weather conditions! On a break, you’re likely to find her talking to a dog who would rather be left alone, but oh well.

Shivraj Singh Negi

Shivraj Singh Negi

Co-founder, Cat-at-heart (Knocks plastic bottles off shelves)

A management graduate from IIM Bangalore. Shivraj (better known as ‘Arbit’) has worked extensively across sales and distribution for consumer and financial products, with over 8 years of building teams, channels and processes. Born in the gorgeous hills of Uttarakhand, he studied Development Economics by the sea at IIT Madras and decided that detours make life awesome! He can research the world out of any topic and is an avid quizzer. At Arani, he insists on suggesting new product additions, even if they would require time-travel! When not passionately convincing people to reuse plastic, you’ll find him fantasizing how great life would’ve been – if he was a cat.

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