The social cost of personal care

Picture this. You’re on vacation, taking a walk by a beautiful beach at sunset. Something tickles your toes, and you pick it up out of curiosity. Not a pebble, not a shell; it turns out to be a plastic cap. Does it surprise you? What you uncovered may be one of the 5.25 TRILLION pieces of macro and micro plastics…

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Recycling Plastic: Key Challenges

Recycling is often touted by companies as a solution to the massive amounts of plastic waste that their products create. We often hear from FMCG and Cosmetics companies about their plans to use recycled material in a certain percentage of their overall production. Coca Cola recently refused to think about alternative materials for their beverage bottles, insisting instead that it…

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Replacing Single-Use Plastic: Why & How?

Single-Use plastics are plastics used in packaging and products, that is used just once in its entire life. These include wrappers, bottles, plastic films, plastic sheets, containers that are used to store products until used by a final consumer. The usage of these plastics has boomed in last few decades as manufacturers have pushed plastics into products that were hitherto…

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